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Wrestling final Tahoua, Niger, 8 March 2009

Traditional wrestling 2009 games in Tahoua, Niger

This video gives a summary of the final of the 30th edition of the traditional wrestling games in Tahoua, Niger. The pictures were shot on 8 March 2009 and broadcasted by Bonferey.TV on 10 March.

The final was on 8 March between Harouna Abdou « the bull of the Ader » (in the Tahoua region), 31 years old and weighing 120 kg and the much younger and lighter Laminou Maidaba from Agadez, only 23 years and 91 kg. This final was a short fight of less then 4 minutes. Laminou Maidaba had to rely on his intelligence and anticipating capacity against Harouna Abdou who could count on his force and his experience. Harouna Abdou had fought four finals and won the two last in 2007 and 2008. However it was David who won the plated sabre and not Goliath.

At these games were 80 wrestlers in total; this is 10 per region. A complete list of finalist is given here.

Other videos give a nice illustration of the activities around the fights and of some fights on a regular day.  Information about the fights before the day of final can be found here (preliminary fights)

Tahoua 2009 final

Tahoua 2009 intro 1

Tahoua 2009 intro 2




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