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Zarma - Songhay culture:  Hippopotamus hunt (part 4)

Baŋawi, Hippopotamus hunt, part 4
After their failure, the damaged great pirogues is repaired and the sorko sail out again. In the search of the 'the bearded one', the big male hippopotamus, they encounter an ayu (manatee). The animal is harpooned and killed. On 2 May they succeed to find the big male hippo. The sorko attack it. Although the hippo is hit by several harpoons it manages to get away and hide in the marches. The men find a few days old beast they name Harikambe (water hand). It is entrusted to one of the men, who takes care of it. The others continue the pursuit the next day. They follow the 'the bearded one' to the rapids of Labbezenga. The battle begins once again in the marches near the rapids. Although the animal is hit many times, it succeeds to break loose again and to severely damaged the great pirogue. The sorko are left with a damaged great pirogue, a broken yaji (big spear) and a few harpoons. The have to accept their defeat.

Background information
This video is part 4 of Jean Rouch and Roger Rosfelder film titled "Bataille sur le Grand Fleuve" (literally Battle on the Big River) made in 1952. The other parts can be viewed as well. The film was shot on a mission of the French Institute of Black Africa (L' Institute Français d'Afrique Noire)  near Ayorou in 1950-1951. The length of the original film is 33 minutes, the video shows the fourth and last part of 9:57 minutes.

Bataille sur le Grand Fleuve (part 1 to 4)

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