13.E. Exercises

Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed.
You can check your answers using the Answer book.

Exercise 1  Translate into English: adjectives
Zarma English
Tuuri wo ibambata no.  


Sandurkodin, izeno no; a si te koyne.  



Da boro sinda baani, hari yeno si bori; idungu no a ga ba.  



Da boro cora gonda ize hanno, ni ga maa a kaani, amma may ga ba imeri?  





Exercise 2  Translate into English: reciprocal pronouns
Zarma English
Iri ma wa day cere banda.  


I go ga goy cere banda.  


I go ga goy cere se.  


Araŋ ma fu cina cere se.  


Iri kubanda cere.  


I go tarey, i go ga goro cere banda; i ga fakare nda cere.  




Kwaara alborey koy foyan cere banda.  




Exercise 3  Translate into English
Zarma English
Bi fo ay day litre hinza wa Bubon wayboro fo do, amma watokan ay n' a dooru tasa ra, ay gar a hasara.  





Ay n' a mun zama a si bori.  


Amma wokan ay day hunkuna, igani no.  



Ni m' a dooru kusu fo ra.  



Haggoy! Wa kay!  


Ni si go ga di a go no ga mun, wala?  



Ni ga ba wa moro, wala?  


Han'a, a si kaan ay se ba kayna, amma a ga kaan bori bi se.  




I g' a haŋ.  



Exercise 4  Translate to English
Zarma English
Sohon zaari kulu wayna ga koroŋ.  



Boro ga maa fufule ba fuwo ra.  



Amma cino ra a ga te dama.  



Man ni go bi?  


Bi ay sinda baani, wodin sabbese ay mana kaa goy.  



A sinda tali, amma hunkuna ni ma ni goyo te a kulu.  





Exercise 5  Translate to English
Zarma English
Susub'o Monsieur da Adam koy foyan.  



I na curo-bi taci hay.  


Cimi no?  


Ifo no i n' i hay da?  


I n' i kar da malfa.  


I ne, curo-bi bobo go ganjo ra.  



Wodin cimi no, zama ba bi fo ay bere di ibobo Dosso fondo ga.  





Exercise 6  Translate to English
English Zarma
Zanka bobo kaa ay do bi.  


Ay na Irikoy tira caw i se; iri na beytu fo te; wodin banda i dira.  



Amma hunkuna wokanyan kaa, manti ibobo no.  



Exercise 7  Translate to Zarma: warm weather
English Zarma
Bring me a little cool water
(a little water that is cool) because I am thirsty.



It is very hot today, but it was cool last night.  



The sun is very hot now, but when the rain comes, it will be better.  





Exercise 8  Translate to Zarma: the tailor
English Zarma
We went to the tailor in order for him to sew me a dress, but we did not find him at his place.  




The clothes he made for my friend please him very much.  



The sewing on these pants (this pants sewing) is not good.  





I will not buy it.  




Exercise 9  Translate to Zarma: the hunt
English Zarma
We went hunting this afternoon.  



We killed a deer in the bush; its meat is good (tasting).  




If you work well, tomorrow we can go hunting together.

[can = hin ka]






Exercise 10  Translate to Zarma: be careful
English Zarma
Be careful ! Haggoy fa !
Don't sit on that box, because it is not strong (has no strength).  



Bring me a drink of water.  


Stop ! Don't you see that the water is spilling?  



If it falls on my book, it will be spoiled.  



I don't want it to be necessary to throw it away.  






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