16.E. Exercises

Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed.
You can check your answers using the Answer book.

Exercise 1  Translate into English: part 1
Zarma English
Ay jin ka Zarma foy ηwa.  




A ga kaan, amma i ga tonko daη a ra hal manti mosso.  




Yadin ga, ay si hin ga ηwa ibobo; ay meyo ga wong' a se.  




Bi zanka fo go no ga kand' iri se wa, butel fo.  



A mana haggoy hal a ma bori, kala butel wo kaη ka bagu.  





Wa kulu mun.  


A ne: Wi za, ay te bonfutey hunkuna !  




Exercise 2  Translate into English: part 2
Zarma English
Ay mana ho hala ni jin ka kaa; wi za ni go ne za bi.  




Boro kan si ga di d' a moy hinka, i ga ne a se danaw; ammo boro kan ga di da mo fo, i ga ne a se mo fo koy.  






Wandiyadin maray da kusa; naη i m' a safar sohon, za a mana te hinni.  





Ay ne ha: a ma kaa suba susubey nda hiney hal ay m'a safar.  





Zanka kan wayboradin kande, a sinda baani, ba kayna.  





Ifo ga du a ?  


To. A ga koto, a ga yeri, a ga koroŋ, a nina ga luttu mo.  






Exercise 3  Translate into Zarma : part 1
English Zarma
I told them to close the door of my house (my house door); did they do it?  




No, they haven't done it yet.  



I have come to seek medicine.  



What is the matter with you?  



I didn't sleep last night and this morning I am not well !  




Have you had a change to read the letter you got this morning ?  




I have not read it yet, but I will do it now.  



What did it say ?  


It said my younger brother fell out of a tree and broke his leg.  




How awful !  


Could they fix it ?  


Yes, they put it in plaster (white man's clay).  




Exercise 4  Translate to Zarma: part 2
English Zarma
Your father said he would come early, but I haven't seen him yet.  





Why is it ?  


Well, he hasn't come because he didn't find his horse until the sun was hot.  





He will come another day, if god wills.  





Exercise 5  Translate to Zarma: part 3
English Zarma
Throw this meat away, because if a person eats it, he will be ill.  





It was cold last night and this morning I am coughing quite a lot.  





I saw a blind man who knows all the villagers.  




Yesterday he showed me the road when I went to Boubon.  





He used to live[1] (formerly he dwelt habitually) in Tondi Biya, but now you can see him every day in the Niamey market.  






[1] = formerly he dwelt habitually; habitually = used to = doona 


Exercise 6  Translate to Zarma: part 4
English Zarma
This child is not well because he has eaten many doum dates (kangaw-ize).  



Come drink this medicine.  




Go on, drink again.  



Is he not better yet ?  



He must stay here until afternoon.  



Do not take him home yet.  



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