This website is devoted to the Zarma people and the language they speak.

It has been almost thirty years ago that my wife and I first set foot on the African continent, 1983 to be precise.

We lived and worked in Niger for three years after a training of a couple of weeks in Burkina Faso (Upper Volta at that time). We enjoyed some short stays in other countries, Benin and Togo, as well. This stay in West Africa has made an ineradicable impression. As someone once said: "If you've been bitten by the African bug, you will never ever be able to get it out of your mind." It was one of the reason I started to work out the ideas for this website and the Zarma language course in 2003.

With this website I hope to show you some of the richness of the language, culture and music of the people living in the Songhay region of West Africa.

Group of Zarma woman in traditional clothes

Last updated: 13 februari 2012