Wild animals of Niger

My friend and I went into the brush. We went to look for animals. We walked on a narrow path. Suddenly, a lion was on the path. He didn't see us, because he was chasing an antelope. We continued. We saw a hare and five salamanders. When we were talking about the lion, a bushbuck appeared. When it saw us, it ran away. We spent the forenoon wandering around in the brush, but we saw no more animals. My friend said: "Let us go to the river. My older brother has a boat. It is next to the river. We didn't see an elephant, a buffalo and a giraffe. Perhaps we will have more luck there in that place."

After lunch we entered the boat and row to the middle of the river. We had luck. If you want to see hippo's, you have to go to the river. Cattle egrets were on the hippo's, they were eating insects. Small animals which are on the hippo's skin. The sky was clear and the sun was hot. We were thirsty, hungry and tired. We returned home. We ate very much and drunk a lot of water. After dinner we went to bed. Fatigue makes a person sleep.

Last updated: 26 december 2009