11.E. Exercises

Your are advised to print the tables with exercises and to fill in. The exercises form a separate page, therefore only the exercises will be printed.
You can check your answers using the Answer book.

Exercise 1  Translate into English
Zarma English
Ay gonda hay fo ay ga ba ay ma no ni se.  


Ma kaa ne hal'ay ma ni no nd'a.  


Ni na haamo day, wala?  


Oho, ay day.  


Ma haamodin fay, a ma te kanandi.  


Fati du nga ba za susub'o  



Exercise 2  Translate into English
Zarma English
Iri ma koy Niamey suba.  


Nda iri di taamu hanney, iri g'i day.  


Hawa kayne ga ba nga ma koy iri banda zama a ma tafe bi day.  



In da nin ga fula day suba.  


Tako fo go Goudel kwaara kan gonda tayla.  


Hassan ne takwa te a se kway da mudun, amma a sinda  nooru kan g'a bana.  



A n'i jisi hal'a ma du  nooru.  



Exercise 3  Translate into English
Zarma English
Ay baba koy naruyan bi fo.
(naruyan = trip, journey)


Man n'a koy?  


A ne way, nga koy Gao zama nga ma salan da boŋkoni.  



I ne  noorukoy bobo go yongo.  


Ay na wayboro fo bay kan koy naruyan.  


A te habu hinza Lamorid, wodin banda a koy Dosso.  




Exercise 4  Translate to English:
Zarma English
Kwaarakoy hanno si yadda borey ma tali te kwaara ra, zama tali si bori.  



Irikoy si yadda nda tali, hal'abada.  


Amma Irikoy Izo ga tali kulu yafa boro se kan g'a naney a ga.  



Yafayan [= forgiveness] wo mo, a go no hal'abada.  


May no ka kuso dake tablo boŋ?  


Hassan no, zama ay ci a se a m'a dake nodin.
[nodin = there in that place]


To, ni m'a kaa nodin.  


M'a jisi ganda, fu meyo ga.  



Exercise 5  Translate to Zarma: There is ...
English Zarma
There is the master of the house at market.  
There is a strong person on the road.  
There are four horsemen by that house.  
There is a person with long trousers in the field.  
There are three butchers in my car.  
There are many travellers (travelling owners) who came to our town.  


Exercise 6  Translate to Zarma: Where is ...
English Zarma
Where is the writer who has a red hat?  


Where is the one-eyed cook (owner of one eye)?  


Where is a bread maker who will tell me?  


Where is an avenger who will come to my rescue?  




Exercise 7  Translate to Zarma: Imperatives
English Zarma
Put the pants on the chair (use "ga").  
Let him save the sheep from the tanner.  


You (plural) separate the sheep from the goats.  


Let them travel by night not by day.  


Tell him you will not repay it, forever.  


If you see the owner of this field, tell him to come.  


My shirt is torn.
[to be torn = pati]

Take it to the tailor so that he will sew it today.  


If you go to my house, you will see my black hat.  


Let them hear your health.
Let nobody take it away.




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