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Calculations (laasaabu yaŋ) are, of course, not different from those in English, but the terms are. Here we will give you some examples (silmaŋ yaŋ) for simple calculations: additions (tonton kabu yaŋ), substractions (kaa kabu yaŋ), multiplications (sorro kabu yaŋ) and divisions (fay kabu yaŋ).

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Tonton kabu yaŋ (additions)

8 + 4 = 12
ahakku kaŋ ga i na taaci tonton a ga iri no iway cindi hinka
ahakku da i na tonton taaci ga, a ga te iway cindi hinka

Kaa kabu yaŋ (substractions)

14 - 10 = 4
iway cindi taaci kaŋ ra i na way kaa, a ga te taaci
iway cindi taaci day na way kaa a ra taaci no ga cindi

Sorro kabu yaŋ (multiplications)

6 x 6 = 36
iddu sorro iddu, a ga te waranza cindi iddu
iddu sorro iddu, ga boro no waranza cindi iddu

Fay kabu yaŋ (divisions)

96 : 3 = 32
wayyegga kaŋ i fay nangu ihinza, a ga te waranza cindi hinka



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