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Cawyaŋ Zarma Sanni

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Zarma, language and culture

video still from a clip of the Nigerien pop group Kaidan Gaskia

The Zarma website

This site offers you a broad and extensive package. Please, take your time to feel at home and discover the multitude of options this website provides.

The course contains 16 lessons that will teach you without much effort the daily used language as well as the grammar. With help of a dictionary and a grammar book you will be able to look up specific topics easily.

You will get used to and learn the pronunciation of Zarma by examples in the lessons, but yu will learn it especially by watching the availabl videos and recordings. In the mean time you will discover many aspects of daily live and the Zarma culture.

picture from slide show about traditional wrestling in Niger
view music and
dance videos
view slide shows
front page of the book 'In sourcery's shadow' of Paul Stoller and Cheryl Olkes
Video still from a movie about traditional hair braiding in the Zarma region of Niger
read book reviews
view culture and
sport videos
Book with Zarma course
Book with dictionary Zarma - English
Zarma grammar book
Book wth pronunciation guide
View of start page of old version of the Zarma website


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e.g.: &+#+626+umay = ɲumay.

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