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Pronunciation guide

Juxtaposed vowels

In order to avoid having two vowels together, whenever a word (especially a noun) requires a suffix beginning with a different vowel, a 'w' is inserted after an 'u' and a 'y' after other vowels.

This is e.g. the case when nouns are made plural, and is similar to adding the extra 'e' in English.

The definitive singular of words with ending on an 'a' sometime only double the 'a', while words ending on an 'o' lose the 'o'

More information is found in lesson 1.D.2.


fu (house) fuwo, fuwey
ma (name) maa/maayo, maayey
me (mouth) meyo, meyey
bari (horse) bariyo, bariyey
mo (eye) mwa/moyo, moyey


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