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Ismo one:  Tun ne ga kay !

Ismo one is a hip hop band from Niger. No homepage is available and no background information found. The title of the song tun ne ga kay (written as Toune ga kai) means get up here and stand.

The first verse and refrain [1]  
Ay wo ga tun ga kay, tun ga kay, tun ga kay.  
Bumbo walone, ay wo ga tun ga kay.  
Hey, tun ne ga kay, wallay.  
Wassi ga keyna, walley.  
Wa ceeci diska banda, wallay.  
Kan sin(da) wo bas nda, wallay  
Suba kaa nda iri ka ga kay.  
the transcription may contain errors, please contact me for corrections.

A video of Soumeila Oumarou  singing a song of Ismo one can be viewed on YouTube



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