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Mali Yaro:  Walambandi

Mali Yaro and his group Gombé Star are well known for their appearance at weddings.  Doula Boureima, named Mali Yaro, is singer and leader of the group. The other members of the group are: Papa Rassoulalaye Gueye (dance rhythmically), Omar Tankari (soloist), Mahamadoul-Habibou Elh Amadou (bass), Seydou Mounkaila (drums),  Manzo Abdoulaye (tam-tam), and Boubacar Kandou (trumpet) [source].

Some information and two song can be found at Fofo Magazine, Walambandi and Zakey.  

No other videos of Mali Yaro are available on YouTube.





Other songs

Idi Sarki

Djoumassi dit Hansi Bonkoyo

Boureima Disko

Mali Yaro

Moussa Poussi





Traditional dances

Zarma dance 1

Zarma dance 2

Zarma dance 3

Zarma dance 4

Last updated: 26 december 2009