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Djoumassi:  Colé colé

No information could be found about Djoumassi dit Hansi Bonkoyo. The two song available on YouTube come from his album Dimachi du Niger.


First verse of song [1]    
Djoumassi kaa, a go ga kay  
Djoumassi ga kay. a go ga hen  
Djoumassi, ifo se ni go ga hen?  
Hay, ifo no  nooru ay go ga si    
Way iyo iye a mana zuru    
Ya wa mo no adaasa a no na wa    
Ay mo mo si da no n´a wi, ga ba day    
copa cole cole wa maasa    
copa cole cole wa dita    
the transcription may contain errors, please contact me for corrections.

One other video is available on YouTube.



Seyni Kountché



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