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Idi Sarki:  Man ni go?

Idi Sarki presented his first solo album "Mane Nigo" in Niamey Niger in August 2006. He was member of the group Djoro G with Moc Ice. No website is available.
Man ni go  (written as Mane Nigo) means where are you. It is a song in Zarma, French and even some English. The song is about love (bakasine), more devastating than war and as well simple as sophisticated.


man ni go, man ni go  
man ni go, fundi baka, man ni go  
man ni go, man ni go  
man ni go, fundi baka, man ni go  
man ni go, fundi baka,  
fundi baka means something as love of my live. The word fundi means breath of live, baka is the definitive form of bako meaning beloved.    

No other videos are available on YouTube. You can listen to another song of Idi Sarki available on this website. A song together with Habib can be found on this website.






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