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Group of musicians in the street of Niamey, Niger, playing traditional instruments

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Bouraima Disko:  Dondon ga waani

Bouraima Disco formed his group Super Bonkaney in the beginning of this millennium. The group has released two albums. The bandleader, singer, and primary composer, Bouraima, was born in Tahoua, on July 9, 1967. He started singing professionally in the late 1990s, when he joined Eric Pancho's group, a popular singer at the time [1].

The first album of the group is Gaham baani (meaning health in the sense of health of the body). This album contains numbers as Bassitray and Guimbiya. In Bassitray Boureima praises, in the Zarma language, the solidarity that exists between ethnic groups in Niger. The second album is Tchimi (cimi means truth). This album contains numbers as Taziya (an homage to Cheikh Aboubacar Hassoumi Kiota) and Sodjay (sodjey means soldiers). This latest album also contains the number Dondon ga wani (written as dondo ga wanni means to learn is to know how to).

The two song on the first album are available as mp3 file. The two songs available on YouTube come from the second album of the group.

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First part of song [1]
Dondon ga waani borey se.  
D’ay se g' a sambu taabandi.  
Nigerizey waan' iri ma dondon me.  
Boro kan ga waani kulu ga dondon no.  
Dondon ga waani borey se.  
D’ay se ga sambu taabandi.  
Borokulu mana hay ga waani ay izey.  
Boro ga waani kulu ga dondon no.  
[1] the transcription and/or translation may contain errors, please contact me for corrections.
Two other videos are available on YouTube.
  Boureima Disko, Sodjay
Boureima Disko, Taziya

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