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Sport: traditional wrestling

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Traditional wrestling2008 games in Dosso, Niger

This is a video of the final of the 29th edition of the traditional wrestling games in Zinder, Niger on 2 March 2008. The final is between Harouna Abdou « the bison of Tamaské » (in the Tahoua region), 30 years and 118 kg making him the heaviest wrestler of the tournament and Oumarou Ali called Bindigao « thunderbolt of Katsina » (Maradi), 33 years and 96 kg [le Républicain, 6 Mars 2008].

Haroune Abdou wins the final of the 29th edition in the second round and prolongs his title. He won the championship for the first time in the 28th edition of the tournament in Agadez in 2007. In 2007 he fought against Idrissa Natabawa from Maradi in the longest fight in the history of the traditional wrestling games 69 minutes [Agence de Presse Africaine, 25 February 2007 ].

Oumarou Ali called Bindigao won the final of the 27th edition of the tournament in Diffa in 2006. He won in seven minutes from the current champion Harouna Abou [Nigerportal.com, 25 Mars 2006 ].

A complete list of finalist is given here.


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List of finalists
of wrestling games since 1975
Comment at YouTube page: the golden rule in Nigerien traditional wrestling is to make your opponent touch his knee the soil first. 
[ Commentaire: la lutte traditionnelle nigérienne règle d'or faire toucher au sol le genou de l'adversaire en premier.]

Transcription of text spoken in video [in preparation]

French   Translation Time
Mais avant, donc mais avant nous commençons parce que vous connaissez déjà lors de la vingt-huitième éditions de lutte traditionnelles de se rouler a Diffa, Kobo Babokeja de Harouna Abdou donc de Tahoua ont fait piller Idrissa Nataba de Maradi et Bala Harouna de Zinder à lors de cadre de finale de cette édition nous revoyons ensemble de se combat dans un commentaire de Hala Irbakoy et Modevoyage. But first, so but first we start, because you already know since the 28th edition of the traditional wrestling games that took place in Diffa [comment: Agadez], Kobo Babokeja or Harouna Abdou from Tahoua has robbed Idrissa Natabawa from Maradi and Bala Harouna from Zinder during the final of that edition, we watch the whole fight for a second time with a running commentary of Hala Irbakoy and Modevoyage. 00:00
Zarma / French Transcription Translation Time
Moussa, eh, Bobo Babokeja, en foire métier, en foire métier,  da ..., en foire métier  Kobo Babokeja, na caréntage, na carentatage,      00:27
Da, da,  Idrissa Seirou, a goro ga kulu, walahi. Kobo Babokeja, Kobo Babokeja, .. A ma goro ga di, a ma goro ga di. ..     00:40
A ya kulu go ga tuma. Yelo, yea cire, yea cire Kobo Babokeja, Diffa .. Kobo Babokeja, Kobo Babokeja, Kobo Babokeja, Idrissa Seiirou     00:56
Arbitre     01:16
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