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Cawyaŋ Zarma Sanni

Group of musicians in the street of Niamey, Niger, playing traditional instruments

Zarma culture: traditions

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Riddles and brainteasers (jandiizey)

To test one another's intelligence and wisdom Zarma like to play at riddles. This page contains a riddle provided by Ibu Ibrahim. So test you own brain and knowledge of the Zarma culture and language.


Cino to zankey go taray, man ga ngey baabaa?


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Children playing outside in a street in Zinder, Niger
The Zarma word for riddle is jandiize or sometimes jantiize. This literally means child of a tale, fable or proverb (jandi or janti in Zarma). In Kaado and other Songhay dialects the word yaasay is used.

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Riddle, photo of playing children
The children (zankey) who are outside at night are the stars (handarayizey or handariizey). They are the children of the (mother) moon (handu) and the (father) sun (wayno). So your answer could be something like 'A go ga kani' or 'A go ga jirbi'

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