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Kaidan GaskiaTun ga maa !

Kaidan Gaskia is Haousa and means 'To act with the truth' in other words: to respect the rules of truth. The name is sometimes written as Kaigan Gaskia. The group consist of Phéno Bi, Miss Safia and Kastro, who was a former member of the group " territoire ennemi ".  Phéno was born at Dosso (Niger) 23 December 1972, Safia was born at Khartoum (Soudan) 15 April 1982. Although the name of the group is Haousa, their songs often are  in Zarma, for example, Windi windi (to walk around), Ni ga di ni ga maa (you will see, you will hear), and Watifo (When). Tun ga maa (written on the video as toun ga ma) means 'get up and listen'. The last album is Dieu est grand.

Some other videos of Kaidan Gaskia and Safiath you can view on YouTube or Dailymotion (e = English, f = French, h= Haousa, z = Zarma).

Dix 2 retrouvés (z/f)

Wattifo (z/f)

Promesse (z/f)

Windi windi (z/f)

Allahou Akbar (z/f)

A min no berey (z/f)

Hangane (z/f)

Irya gokoy (h/f)

Baby (e)


Other songs

Idi Sarki

Djoumassi dit Hansi Bonkoyo

Boureima Disko

Mali Yaro

Moussa Poussi






Traditional dances

Zarma dance 1

Zarma dance 2

Zarma dance 3

Zarma dance 4

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