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Sport: traditional wrestling

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Traditional wrestling2009 games in Tahoua, Niger

This video is the second part of a short summary of a day of the 30th edition of the traditional wrestling games in Tahoua, Niger. The pictures were shot on 5 March 2009 and broadcasted by bonferey.tv. This video is a nice illustration of the fights. You see the wrestler rub their hands with sand regularly to be able to come to grips with the opponent.  In the second part, after about 8 minutes, we see the « Tchali tchali », who entertain the public with there imitations of the fights. The first part of the introduction video can be seen here.

A complete list of finalist is given here.

Other videos give a nice illustration of the activities around the fights and of some fights on a regular day.  Information about the fights before the day of final can be found here (preliminary fights).

Tahoua 2009 final

Tahoua 2009 intro 1

Tahoua 2009 intro 2
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List of finalists
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