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Dictionary Zarma - English



  na \\ // (L2)(abbr. n')
(aux.) ~ verb auxiliary to indicate positive perfect, i.e. past tense;
  naam {na'am; nam} \\ // (L15)
(inter.) yep, OK (used as a man's answer on being called)
  nama \nam a\§ // (L10)
(v.) to bite, to sting;
gondiyaŋ kaŋ ga futu na boroyaŋ nama hal iboobo bu fiery serpents bit the people and many people died
  naamu \\ //
(n.) custum, habit
  naŋ \naŋ\ // (L10, 13)
1. (v.) to permit, to let; naη i m' a safar sohon let her treat is at once
2. (v.) to let alone, to leave, to leave off, to quit, to cease; to make to fail [ganji, wa];
a naŋ ay gaabo kulu ma gaze he has made my strength to fail
3. (v.) to multiply, to make abound; a ga naŋ a ma baa dumayaŋ se he will make seed for sowing abound to you, a naŋ bu baray he has multiplied mourning
kaynayaŋ naŋ \\ (v.) to reproach
  naanay# {naaney} \naa nay\ // (L10)
1. (v.) to trust, to have confidence
naanay .. ga \\ (v.) to trust in, to rely on (L10)
  2. naanay, naanayo {naaney, naana} \naa nay, naa nay o\ // (L10)
2a. (n.) trustworthiness
2b. (n.) confidence, trust, faith; hope
2c. (n.) (by extension) boldness
  nang'o \\ // (L20) (contr. of nangu wo)
1. (adv.) here, in this place
2. def.sin. of nangu
  nangu, nango {nongu, nongo} \nan gu\ // (L8, 15) [noŋgori]
(n.) place
nangu hananta \\ (n.) sanctuary
nangu kaŋ \\ (conj.) where (L20) [nankaŋ; man]
nangu kulu \\ (n.) anywhere (L15) [nankulu]
nangu mooro \\ (n.) a place far away, remote place
  nankaŋ \\ // (L19) [nangu kaŋ]
(pron.) where
  nankulu \\ // (L15) [nangu kulu]
(adv.) anywhere
  naaru \naa ru\ // (L11p)
(v.) to go on a journey, to take a trip, to travel;
iri goono ga naaru teeko boŋ we are going down to the sea
  naaruko, naarukwa \\ //
(n.) traveler, wayfarer
  naarukoy, naarukoyo \\ // (L11)
(n.) traveller, wayfaring person
  naaruyaŋ, naaruyaŋo {naaruyoŋ} \naa ru yaŋ, naa ru yaŋ o\ // (L11)
(n.) journey, trip
  nda \several\ // (L2, 7) (abbr. nd', da, d')
\ nda\ 1. (conj.) and, 2. (prep.) with (L2)
\nda\ (conj.) if, when (L7)
nda hinay \nda hin ay\ (adv.) at an early hour, early, soon (sometimes) (L16);
a biya ka tun susubay za nda hinay she rose up early in the morning‎
  nduɲɲa, nduɲɲaa {andunnya; ndunnya; undunya} \\ // (L13)
(n.) world, universe
  ne \several\ //
1. \ne\ (v.) to say (never 'to tell') (L3)
ne … se \\ (v.) to call (L6)
  2.\ne\   (adv.) here, right here (L7);
Niamey ne
here is Niamey
ne hendi {nehendi} \\ (adv.) just over there
ne hare {nehare} \\ (adv.) over here, over this way (L20)
ne wo \ne wo\ (adv.) right here (L7) [ne ya, neya]
ne ya {neya} \ ya\ (adv.) right here (adverb; 15) [ne wo]
Nga ne ya ! \\ (interj.) Here it is ! [neeya]
  neera {nera, neere} \nee ra\ // (L1)
(v.) to sell
neera jinay \\ (n.) merchandise, wares, commodity [neerandi]
  neerako, neerakwa {nerako; neerikow, /a} \nee ra ko, nee ra kwa\ // [neerakoy]
(n.) salesman, saleswoman, seller
  neerakoy, neerakoyo \\ // [neerako]
(n.) salesman, saleswoman, seller
  neerandi, neerando {neerendi, neerendo} \nee ran di\ // [neera jinay]
(n.) merchandise, wares, commodity;
i na ni neerandey day da nzarfu they traded for your wares with silver
  neerante {nerante} \\ // (L21)
(adj.) for sale (lit. to be sold); jinay neerante things for sale
  neeya \nee ya\ // [ne ya; ne wo]
(adv.) right here
  neezu, neeza (F) \\ //
(n.) snow
  nga {inga} \\ // (L1, 4) (abbr. a)
1. (subj.pron.) he, she, it
2. (obj.pron.) his, her, it
3. (pos.pron.) his, her, its
  ngey {ingey} \\ // (L1,4) (abrr. i, ey)
1. (subj.pron.) they
2. (obj.pron.) them
3. (pos.pron.) their
  ngoyya {ngoya}\\ // (L1)
(interj.) thank you, the same to you, likewise (used to reply fo or fonda greeting)
  ni \ni\ // (L1) [nin]
1. (subj.pron.) you, thou (singular, never plural)
2. (obj.pron.) you, thee (singular, never plural)
3. (pos.pron.) your, thy (singular, never plural)
  2. niisi, niiso \nii si\ // (L13)
(n.) mucus, snot
  nin \nin\ // [ni]
1. (v.) to be ripe (L15)
2. (v.) to be cooked (L15)
3. (pers.pron.) you, you, your; thou, thee, thy (emphatic form of ni) (L8)
  ninandi {ninendi} \nin an di\ //
1. (v.) to make to ripen
2. (v.) to make to cook
  niine, niina \nii ne\ // (L10, 20)
(n.) nose; germ
  ninyaŋ, ninyaŋo {ninyoŋ, ninyoŋo} \nin yaŋ, nin yaŋ o\ //
(n.) (act of) cooking; (act of) ripening
  Nirlandese \\ // (L6)
(adj.) Dutch
  niisi \nii si\ // (L13)
1. (v.) to blow (one's nose)
  niizeeru {nizeer} \nii zee ru\ // (L6)
(n.) Niger (country)
niizeer laabu, niizeer laabo \\ (n.) Niger (country), area of Niger
  nkaago \\ // (L5)
(n.) black crowned-crane (bird)
  no \\ several\ // (L6, 15)
1. \no\ (v.) to give
no garaw \\ (v.) to loan money, to grant a loan (L15)
no nda \no nda\ (v.) to give outright (L6)
2. \no\ (v.) it is (to stress an issue); nga no it is him / he!
manti hari laalo no bo? isn’t that evil?
go no \\ there is
man no \\ how (emphatic)
ya … no \\ {no ... ya} (v.) to be (existence, with stated subject) (L6, 15) [wo ... no; nooya]
yaadin no \\ therefore (emphatic)
  nodin \no din\ // (L12)
(adv.) there in that place
  nookoy, nookoyo \\ // (L13) (from no) [nooko]
(n.) donor, giver, one who gives
  norizé {noori-ize} \\ // (L5)
(n.) cyprea shell (animal); shell (used as money)
  noru \no ru\ //
(v.) to creep, to move on your buttocks;
wo kaŋ ga noru ganda laabo ra himandi the likeness of anything that creeps on the ground
noru guya \\ (n.) whistling-duck (fulvous & white-faced) (bird) (L5)
  nooru, nooro \noo ru\§ // (L6, 8)
(n.) money
noori-ize \\ shell (used as money); cyprea shell (animal) [norizé]
nooru nda hari \\ (n.) interest
  noorujaŋko, noorujaŋkwa \\ // (L22)
(n.) pauper (moneyless person)
  noorukoni \\ // (L22)
(n.) rich person (moneyed person)
  nooya \\ //
see no ... ya
  nooyaŋ, nooyaŋo {nooyoŋ, nooyoŋo} \noo yaŋ, noo yaŋ o\§ // (L11)
(n.) gift (gerund)
  ntaasu, ntaaso \\ //
(n.) harvest, (by ext.) grain
ntaasu jeeni, ntaasu jeeno \\ (n.) harvested spike, (by ext.) grain
ntaasu wiiko, ntaasu wiikwa \\ (n.) harvester
  nuunay, nuuna {nuney, /a; nuune} \nuu nay\ //
(n.) fire
nuunay-beele, nuunay-beela \nuu nay - bee le\ // (n.) flame [beele, /a]
  nuwamba (F) \\ // (G)
(n.) November (Zarma normally use Muslim, lunar, calendar instead of Roman calendar)
ny... [ɲ...]
words with ny as transcript for ɲ, see separate page <here>
  nzarfu, nzarfo \nzàr fu\ // (L17)
(n.) silver


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